Top 10 Best Baseball Pants for Men in 2017

In an intense and competitive game as baseball, every advantage matters because the least you want is getting outrun by your opponents. It doesn’t matter whether you’re out playing for your country or simply practicing on a dirty turf, the right kind of gear, glove and bat can help take your game skills to a whole new level altogether. Then there are other pieces of equipment to consider as well, but they often end up getting overlooked. One of those is the baseball pants you wear. Contrary to what you may feel, a baseball pant is not just a showy uniform that instills sportsmanship and discipline in the field, rather it is a performance-oriented outfit that enhances your ability to make swift movements in the heat of the moment without worrying about potential falls and bruises. That is why it is important that you take time considering all the various factors that influence the quality of the best baseball pants for men.

Factors to Consider While Buying Baseball Pants


Materials chosen for making baseball pants are generally lightweight and breathable, in order to allow maximum comfort for playing at different times of the year. Pure polyester baseball pants tend to be slightly heavier, and are perfect for playing in the cold weather. On the other hand, normal polyester and microfiber materials are extremely lightweight and suitable for playing on a hot day.


A few years back, baseball pants were designed to come just below the knee, but today that trend has changed and the recent line of baseball pants come in a wide variety of lengths. You can choose between knee-length pants, ankle-length pants and pants that are just over the knee.


Another trait that varies widely from one baseball pant to another is the cut. Old-school baseball pants tend to be rather clingy and even today some players seem to prefer this style. Then there are also some baseball pants that are designed to be roomier and baggy, while other cuts of pants are tubular in design.


The style of the baseball pants these days is not influenced only by the length and design of them. There are other factors to take into account as well, including coloring, regular striping or pin striping, and accents. If you are in a baseball team, you may not have much choice in the looks of the uniform you wear, but you can always choose one that befits your personal style when you practice. So pick out a pair of pants that are not just comfortable but reflect your personality and individual taste in clothing.


Safety is undoubtedly one of the major aspects of a player’s baseball outfit. This is simply because baseball is sport that’s not always played on perfectly paved surfaces. Most of times, baseball fields are covered in dirt and rocks and gravel, so your pants may be the only form of protection on you. So do consider the type of surface you are playing on, and note if the pants you choose have the required features to give you added protection. Thicker materials with enhancements such as reinforced knees negate the impact of abrasions and keep bruises at bay.


Some baseball fields can be pretty abrasive, like those with a lot of hard-stuffed dirt and small pieces of gravel. If you are playing in fields like that, you will want you baseball pants to give you protection and hold up well whenever you or your companion player is sliding or diving during play. It’s best to opt for pants made of thicker material as they tend to last longer than thin material under unfavorable field and climatic conditions.

Top 10 best baseball pants for men

1. Under Armour Men’s UA Clean Up Baseball Pants

Under Armour Men's UA Clean Up Baseball Pants

There is a reason why these Under Armour pants have occupied the top slot in this list. For starters, it is made up of lightweight blended materials that allow your skin to breathe during those hot, sweaty moments of games in the field. Additionally, it features intuitive details including belt loops, back pockets, reinforced knee areas, as well as a sturdy front zipper that help these pants hold up well. The entire construction is ergonomic and contoured, in order to encourage the natural movements of your legs. Taking the performance level a notch higher is the moisture-wicking feature of the fabric that allows quick drying for those times when you want to make the most of your free time. Sure, these pants could come across as a bit tight on those with wider legs and its tubular-style form may not appeal to all and sundry, but overall, it’s a nice option for any season.

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2. Combat Stock Adult Baseball/Softball Pant with Piping

Combat Stock Adult Baseball/Softball Pant with Piping

If you want to look the best while playing in the softball tournament, you can count on the Combat Stock Adult Baseball/Softball Pants. Available in attractive color choices, these sporty pants contain eye-catchy piping on the sides and elegant belt loops that enhance the oomph appeal of your attire. As far as the framework is concerned, you don’t have to worry either. The Velcro hem feature fitted inside the legs allows easy adjustment of length and an enhanced degree of comfort. There is a two-button zipper fly with tunnel loops and belt for a more accurate fit. The protective double knee safeguards you from injuries on the field. There are two back pockets as well, in case you want to stow in some bric-a-brac.

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3. The Warriors Furies Pinstriped Baseball Jersey Pants

The Warriors Furies Pinstriped Baseball Jersey Pants

An apt must-have for any Warriors fan, these Pinstriped Baseball Jersey Pants from the house of the Furies is a remarkable attire to wear on the field. It incorporates impeccable quality with a durable stretch fabric that doesn’t shrink or drag down. The material is thick enough to withstand rough use, and doesn’t lock in stains, allowing for an easy clean-up of smears whenever required. The belt loops are secure and enable a concise fit. Overall, this is not just a film-inspired costume, rather a legit baseball outfit that is designed to provide long-lasting use. The only downside is that it’s a little tight around the ankles, but other than that it’s quite a steal, especially for the price!

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4. Rawlings Men’s Relaxed Fit V-Notch Insert Baseball Pant

Rawlings Men's Relaxed Fit V-Notch Insert Baseball Pant

If you want to lay your hands on pants that are relaxed in all the areas, or baggy enough to play uninhibited and stroll around in leisure, then this might just be the right ones to try. Made up of high-quality, easy-to-clean fabric, these pants do not lock stains and dry quickly, making it a delight to use for long-term. They are high-waisted, and hence do not drag down uncomfortably while playing. And thanks to the extra length, you can easily make quick adjustments whenever you wish to achieve a tighter fit. Another very attractive feature of these pants is that they are cost-effective and last for a long period of time. Sizing may be a bit different, so it’s advisable to double check your individual measurements before purchasing.

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5. Adams USA Smitty Expanded Waist Pleated Baseball Umpire Combo Pants

Adams USA Smitty Expanded Waist

This striking baseball pant features a flexible fit and a comfortable style that makes you look like an expert athlete on field. It provides up to 2-inches of stretch for an accurate fit, and a saddle-seat embedded in the fabric for added strength in the bottom area. There is plenty of room in the legs for shin guards, and the polyester twill allows for a professional touch. The entire fabric is wrinkle-resistant and doesn’t require dry cleaning. Plus, it remains breathable in summer and allows your sweat to evaporate out easily. The darker grey color hides away the dust and dirt and precludes the necessity of regular cleaning. There are belt loops that are spaced out evenly for better placement of your hip and pelvis. Overall, these pants are reliable, contemporary-looking and easy on the eyes.

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6. Rawlings Men’s Knee-High Pants

Rawlings Men's Knee-High Pants

At the first glance itself, the Rawlings baseball pants will spur you to make an instant purchase, and it’s not difficult to understand why. The fabric used to stitch these pants is durable, breathable and of high-quality. It is decently stretchable to allow a wide range of movement, allowing you to run smoothly and extend to any degree without feeling pressed. There is flat lock stitching on the sides for added durability on the pants and to prevent painful chaffing after intense moments in the field. The unique feature of the fabric is that it releases stains easily, which makes them easy to wash and enables you to wear for long. There are two snap closures with a compact zippy fly that enhance the style quotient of the pants and enable a more precise fit. Overall, these pants are worth your hard-earned dollars, and won’t wear down with years of usage.

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7. Under Armour Boys’ UA Lead Off Baseball Pants

Under Armour Boys' UA Lead Off Baseball Pants

Wearing the Under Armour baseball pant is a smart way to bring elegance and comfort to the baseball court. Being lightweight and breathable, this pant enables high-speed motions by the player. You can jump, hop and play as much as you can in these pants and still not feel itchy or sweaty or uncomfortable. On the outside, the Armor baseball is a simple pant but it really possesses plenty of unique features that can rival even the best and expensive pants in the markets. One of the major advantages is that it’s ergonomically structured with double welted pockets in the back. Also, it includes double-layer knees that offer added durability as the player often tends to use their knees often. The seven belt loops and the brass zipper ensures a stable and secure fit, thereby increasing your confidence for tackling risky movements for long hours of time. These pants also incorporate a moisture transport system that wicks sweat and ensure quick drying of the fabric whenever it rains or gets sweaty.

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8. Mizuno Youth Select Pant

Mizuno Youth Select Pant

Mizuno is an old-school and reliable baseball pant that combines a traditional fabric feel with a trendy style and advanced quality. Made up of 100% polyester, these pants contain double knitting on each of the two ends, and a low rise style that fits most women perfectly. The men version comes with a flexible feature for suitable stretch and fit. There are double knees as well, that offer protection and resilience with added performance when you need it the most. The unique Tunnel belt loop waist is added to ensure the pants offer a snug fit and stand up to the high-speed performance and motion of players. One of the major advantages of this pant is that it’s not very buggy, and hence very comfortable for sprinting and jumping. It can fit properly inside sports shoes too. And the choice of color is different from what you would expect from regular baseball pants. Furthermore, the attire doesn’t absorb too much heat, and can withstand sweat and sunlight without getting dull or stained.

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9. Rawlings Men’s Relaxed Fit

Rawlings Men's Relaxed Fit

This baggy, roomy and comfy baseball pants are made of 100% polyester material and entail a light, airy structure for maximum comfort. They are sufficiently porous and allow air to get in and out, creating a cooling effect on hot, sultry days. In fact, they are so light and easy on the skin that they feel like a pair of boxers you would wear at home. You can machine wash these pants with cold water, but just remember not to mix it up with your workwear, to prevent leaching of colors. Stains are easy to remove as the fabric doesn’t seal the stains. And since the pants have a high waist, they don’t have a tendency to drag down. Plus, there are belt holes for proper adjustment. Available in plenty of dynamic color choices, they are not very expensive and last a long period of time. In short, a great investment for every athlete!

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10. Rawlings Youth Premium Semi-Relaxed Fit Pants

Rawlings Youth Premium Semi-Relaxed Fit Pants

The Rawlings Youth Premium semi relaxed fit pants sport a stylish, piped design that makes you look like a pro on the field. There are various colors and sizes available with this product, so you can always expect to find one that best reflects your personal style. Made up of high-quality and durable polyester, these pants do not form wrinkles easily yet stretch reasonably to accommodate an ample-sized bottom, as well as fluctuating body weight. There is a belt loop, as well for easy fastening, and a zipper fly front for a snug fit. The back pockets stretch to a decent bit and accommodate your knick-knacks without feeling too tight.

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